We are in need of radical reconnection.


The pace of our own lives and the forces of injustice in our world can feel out of control. The internal and external challenges we face are deeply connected - but so are the unlocks to our collective liberation.
And we can't heal ourselves or our world alone.

Powered by a deep hunger for a world where all can be free and well, I aspire to use my community organizing and yoga teaching experience to catalyze personal growth, healthy organizations, and social transformation. Let's cultivate more inner awareness and unified action to heal and strengthen ourselves and our communities together.


Healing justice podcast

Healing Justice Podcast is a series of conversations about the intersection of social justice work and healing and sustainability, AND accompanying weekly audio practices to support you in your wellbeing. We're talking burnout, trauma and resilience, organizational culture, songs and practices to sustain our movements, dismantling oppression, processing our anger, facilitating conflict, and more.

If you're an activist, organizer, or engaged community member looking to sustain your growth and energy for the long haul, come join us! Learn more & sign up to get episodes straight to your inbox, listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay, & follow @healingjustice on Instagram!

YOGA + WELLBEING PRACTICE   Let's practice together     →


Let's practice together 

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Activate your community