The Milwaukee Global Mala Afterglow

Sunday, September 13th      2:30 - 5:30 pm

@ YamaYoga [231 E Buffalo St in Milwaukee's Third Ward]

Yoga means union - the practice yokes together the distinct parts of ourselves into a whole. But how does our practice translate to a world and a moment in history that exemplifies a crisis of disconnection? Join us for:

* All-levels simple yoga practice
* Weaving a new story of who we are to one another
* Making connections + visioning what’s next for our community

And if you want to experience a full weekend of yoga for global peace, check out the Milwaukee Global Mala on Saturday. This practice is a beautiful preparation for our work together in the Sunday workshop - come feel the energy of hundreds of yogis uniting around a shared intention Saturday, and then come on Sunday to translate that energy into connection and action.

Suggested donation of $10 for the Sunday workshop benefits OmTownYogis. All are welcome.


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