"love and justice are not two. without inner change, there can be no outer change;
without collective change, no change matters."
- Rev. angel Kyodo williams


I came to yoga from the nonprofit world, depleted and stressed, and refusing to believe that serving others is inevitably exhausting. I took a hot yoga class with my sister-in-law on a Groupon and felt light headed during the class, quickly realizing that I had to focus on breathing very deeply when bending over and standing up again in order to not become dizzy. At the end of the class, I realized that the focus required by the movement and breath produced the first demand for my total, single-minded attention that I had experienced in many years, and it felt amazing. I needed more.

Centering internally through yoga gives me a renewed sense of self and energy that contrasts deeply with our culture’s environment of urgency, busy-ness, and judgment. In my work as a community organizer, it gives me the internal resources to tune in to others to connect more and work from the heart to address suffering and adversity from a place of resilience.

yoga instruction

I have strong appreciation for the need for healing spaces to share who we are and grow in community. All bodies, backgrounds, and levels are warmly welcomed to my classes, and I am trained in creating inclusive spaces attuned to welcoming differences in age, race, gender, sexual orientation, body size, and dis/ability. I am always learning more about how to do this more fully and welcome feedback, dialogue, and learning together. I offer instruction in English or Spanish.

My practice is a detailed Hatha, holding postures long enough to explore subtleties and feel full expression. 18 years of ballet training inform my attention to alignment. Having grown up every summer on Lake Michigan, I love to practice outside and weave reflective themes into the practice, especially those related to community and collective care.



  • 200-hour certified yoga teacher through the 10-month YamaYoga teacher training program under Tammy Limbach (yoga teacher, Rolfer, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner) and Marietta Pucillo (yoga teacher, studio owner)
  • Advisory Board member for OmTownYogis
  • Weekly long-term one-on-one yoga clients
  • Use of simple wellness practices and rituals in nonprofit organizations, community groups, social movements, and organizing spaces to foster community wellbeing
  • Group yoga classes such as Stiff Guys, Yoga Foundations, chair yoga for seniors, and a 10-week series on the Yamas + Niyamas
  • Created Circulo de Mujeres healing circle for immigrant women (in Spanish); supported by an OmTownYogis grant
  • Off the Mat Into the World Yoga, Purpose, and Action Intensive + Social Justice Advanced Leadership Intensive with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, Suzanne Sterling, Jacoby Ballard, and Leslie Booker
  • Integrated Movement Therapy Basics Training
  • Assisted Kerri Kelly 4-day Chakra Retreat in Ojai, CA
  • Oppression in the Soma with Rev. angel Kyodo williams and Rusia Mohiuddin
  • Yoga Service Council Conference: Presenter of "Tools for Social Change: Building a Movement of Wellbeing for All"; attended "Strategies for Creating Body Positive, Inclusive and Accessible Yoga Classes" with Dianne Bondy
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Training certification from Hala Khouri, with focus on embodiment and collective trauma
  • Bandha, Breath, & Mind immersion with Leslie Kaminoff at the Breathing Project, 2017
  • Ongoing alignment yoga study with Alison West at Yoga Union Center for Backcare & Scoliosis
  • Teacher at Third Root Community Health Center, a unique social justice focused wellness collective in Brooklyn, NY