my favorite resources: a wellbeing + social change toolkit



  • Liberation School: a 9-month cohort to support changemakers in developing new rhythms that dismantle cycles of burnout that will kick off with an immersion at the Highlander Center in October 2017. Applications due July 1! (I serve on founding faculty)
  • Practicing Justice (formerly known as Oppression in the Soma): Essential training in embodied leadership; using somatic practices to transform personal patterns and rewire internalized oppression to cultivate personal and collective freedom. Taught by Rev. angel Kyodo williams & Rusia Mohiuddin.
  • Momentum: training for organizers who want to create mass popular movements through a powerful hybrid of structure-based and mass protest-style movements (I serve as a Lead Trainer)
  • Anything coming from the Ayni Institute: Visionary social change strategy training for organizers, grounded in deep love and reciprocity
  • Bending Towards Justice: Inclusivity and anti-oppression training for yoga instructors. Essential for any teacher training to prepare yoga teachers to create inclusive and culturally sensitive practice spaces.
  • Off the Mat Into the World 5-day leadership intensive: Great introductory training to merge yoga and activism with solid practices of self reflection, self regulation, and using your voice and actions for social change


  • Third Root Community Health Center: a collectively owned, beautifully inclusive health center with sliding scale community acupuncture, yoga classes, bodywork, and herbalism apothecary located in the Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. I teach here on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7am!
  • 27 Days of Change: online program designed to help you create powerful change in your life over a focused practice period
  • Anything happening at the Watershed Center. If it's there, it's because it's deeply at the intersection of embodying the world we deserve and fiercely working to create it. And the land and the people are beautiful. Treat yo'self.