We Are the Strategy: Resilience for Changemakers

A workshop about trauma, oppression, and embodied healing

How have you been feeling since the election? Like, honestly?

The future of our country and our world is at a tipping point. To transform the systems of extraction, exploitation, and violence that are destroying our planet and further harming the most marginalized communities, we need all hands on deck.

But we gotta still be here in order to make lasting change. Our own resilience is foundational to our strategy. Our psyches, spirits, and bodies must be cared for every step of the way, not sidelined until “after the work is done." We need you to be supported and in balance, so your nervous system can down-regulate from automatic stress response and create the space that is neurologically and biologically needed for creativity, stamina, and resilience.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Suppressing underlying anxiety, fear, rage, or grief through working harder or taking constant action

  • Shame that turning off the news or social media, taking time off, or resting makes you complacent, privileged, or disengaged

  • Martyring your physical health, relationships, or personal goals for the sake of the work

  • Lack of patience and frustration at others who are not showing up in the ways you think they should

The good news: 

We can work for change in a way that doesn't turn the evils of extraction, exploitation, and dehumanization in upon ourselves and each other.

You are invited to breathe, to inhabit your body, to imagine, and to be connected to a community of supportive peers in your changemaking work who see and care about you beyond the roles you play and the work you do.

What we do together:

  • Create a space of mutual care to be honest about our emotional realities and not have to perform hope or rep our organizations

  • Learn how systems of oppression are showing up in our our bodies, and what trauma and grief have to do with it

  • Explore the boundaries and practices we need to interrupt oppression from passing through us into the work

  • Share simple healing practices you can take with you: meditation, embodied practice, essential oils, & more

Best of all, we build a community of support with changemakers who share our commitment to wellbeing & liberation along the way.

Who this is for: This workshop sits at the intersection of social change, peer support, and internal transformation. It serves a diverse group of organizers, healers, wellness practitioners, and newer activists ready to dive into the work of inner and outer change. As facilitators we have anti-oppression and trauma-informed mindfulness and organizing training, and the workshop space strives to be inclusive and supportive of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, dis/abilities, racial identities, class backgrounds, and learning styles. Absolutely no previous experience with yoga, meditation, somatics, or anything of the sort is needed - come as you are!

Want to bring this workshop to you? 

Join us for the next session in Chicago on August 11-12 with special co-facilitator Teresa Pasquale Mateus, a brilliant trauma therapist and woman of color spiritual organizer.

Visit Third Root Community Health Center for a social justice mini-retreat on September 23 in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Great for caregivers, service providers, activists, leaders, & more.

Join Kate Werning & Shawna Wakefield for our second Brooklyn workshop and a beautiful backyard potluck social on October 22 - repeat attendees and first-timers welcome!

Contact us at kate.werning@gmail.com if you'd like to explore bringing this workshop to meet the specific needs of your organization or space! We'd love to collaborate with you.

For other workshops and ongoing opportunities to engage in practice and action, check out my upcoming offerings here.