Work with me

We are experiencing an extraordinary moment of crisis and opening. Now is a time for us to get serious about doing change differently.

I am currently working with incredible teams from Momentum, the Liberatory Leadership Project, Movimiento Cosecha, and healing justice and faith-based organizations to innovate at the intersection of long-term movement strategy, orienting new leaders through mass training, sustainability, and healthy embodied leadership.

I offer consulting and project collaboration around:

  • Training and orientation support for people new to organizing
  • Practices for relational team-building and embodied interconnection
  • Understanding collective power and social change through non-cooperation
  • Creating powerful alignment through training and shared learning (mass training programs and turnkey tools for engagement)
  • Sustainability and wellness that's rooted in a long-term collective vision

Contact me if you want to explore collaboration. We need each other.


I became a justice-champion in my home as a kid through the painful power struggles in my family. As I grew older and began to learn about the systemic suffering in the world, I have been seeking how to transform it for collective liberation ever since.

I have been deeply shaped by the resilience of the immigrant rights movement through serving 4 years as the Youth Organizing Director at Voces de la Frontera, a grassroots immigrant and workers' rights organization. I had the privilege to organize with youth to win and implement Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); push back on one of the biggest education privatization agendas in the country by winning a high-school-student-written Student Bill of Rights; mobilize thousands to the Capitol during the mass mobilization of the Wisconsin Uprising; and activate a mass youth civic engagement campaign reaching tens of thousands, resulting in the only successful district recall election in 2012.

I learned and worked with Carlos Saavedra to grow the Ayni Institute to offer training for organizers in the U.S. and Europe. As the national Organizing Director for CTZNWELL, I engaged thousands of wellness practitioners new to social change in campaigns like the Fight for $15, food justice, immigrant rights, and the 2016 election. We engaged thousands of leaders in a groundbreaking civic engagement campaign through small circles that foster connection, bridge political gridlock, and turn out empowered, informed, heart-driven voters that continue to organize together for the good of the all.

Today I serve as a CTZNWELL faculty member and a Lead Trainer with Momentum trainings for decentralized popular movements. I strive to integrate a holistic approach to organizing that allows us to be fierce, grounded, courageous, compassionate, healthy, and whole.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Educational Policy + Community Organizing, Spanish, and Latin American Studies (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee); Casa de la Solidaridad (Universidad Centroamericana, San Salvador)

Organizer Training: Momentum, SWARM, James Lawson Institute, Movement Mastery, New Organizing Institute, Midwest Academy