A personal yoga session can be a supportive entry point to start your practice as a beginner, give special attention to specific physical challenges, or get one on one feedback to deepen your practice and hone alignment. With the full attention of the teacher, the practice can be catered to what you need and with more personalized support than you cannot receive in a class. Available in my home studio in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, or in your home. Rates depend on duration and location - contact me and let's talk through what you're looking for.


Catch my weekly open level yoga class on Wednesdays from 8:15 - 9:30 PM at Third Root in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

Third Root Community Health Center is one of the foremost leaders in the country in creating an intergenerational, body-positive, LGBTQ-inclusive, multi-racial welcoming practice space and offering yoga, herbalism, acupuncture, and herbalism healing services in a collective-owned and collectively-committed environment.

I also offer vocation-specific yoga therapy sessions for groups; most recently: Simple Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Nail Artists. Workshop includes simple exercises for wrist, neck, and shoulder health; essential oils; developing good physical habits to prevent repetitive injury; & simple mindfulness meditation (no mat/exercise clothes needed). Sessions can be custom designed for any vocation.

We Are the Strategy:
Resilience for Changemakers workshops

You are invited to breathe, to inhabit your body, to imagine, and to be connected to a community of supportive peers in your changemaking work who see and care about you beyond the roles you play and the work you do. Multiple upcoming workshop dates -- click here to learn more & see when one is coming to you!

healing justice podcast

Healing Justice Podcast is a series of conversations about the intersection of social justice work and healing and sustainability, AND accompanying weekly audio practices to support you in your wellbeing. We're talking burnout, trauma and resilience, organizational culture, songs and practices to sustain our movements, dismantling oppression, processing our anger, facilitating conflict, and more.

If you're an organizer or engaged community member looking to sustain your growth and energy for the long haul, come join us! Learn more & sign up to get episodes straight to your inbox; listen on iTunesStitcher, or GooglePlay; & follow @healingjustice on Instagram.

liberation school

I am serving on the faculty and organizing team of Liberation School - a 9-month program on a mission to nurture and sustain organizers and changemakers as you step deeper into your healing and leadership.

We invite you to apply and join the second cohort of changemakers from all over the US and beyond for a 5-day immersion and subsequent monthly support and coaching. The time to invest in our sustainability and our grounded, creative, resilient potential is now. Sign up for the email list to find out when cohort 2 applications open, and/or donate to help support a scholarship for someone who needs it here.

mindful community in action: Activism without over-activation

This workshop explores the connections between neuroscience, embodiment, and sustainable activism. Whether you're full of rage or just plain tuned out, join us for an introspective yoga practice and learn how to support your body's process in centering itself so you can intentionally engage in changing the world. This offering is designed and facilitated in collaboration with Erica Barth, the co-owner of Harlem Yoga Studio with a Masters in Organizational Psychology and a specialization in neuroscience and embodiment. Our last two workshop dates have recently passed - reach out if you're interested in scheduling one for your group, wellness space, or organization.

consulting collaboration

I offer consulting and project collaboration around: training and orientation support for people new to organizing, practices for relational team-building and embodied interconnection, understanding collective power and social change through non-cooperation, creating powerful alignment through training and shared learning, and sustainability and wellness that's rooted in a long-term collective vision.

We are experiencing an extraordinary moment of crisis and opening. Now is a time for us to get serious about doing change differently.

Contact me if you want to explore collaboration.


I provide accessible and inclusive yoga classes or other introductory wellness practices to groups working for social change, companies, organizations, small groups, churches, or private events. I enjoy creating simple, repeatable practices that groups can create a felt sense of support and connection. Offer better health and connection to your group and try something new together. Pricing dependent on details.


If you are interested in consulting or booking a personal or group session, contact me and let's discuss how we can best meet your needs.

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