Series on the Yamas & Niyamas

Mondays 5:30 - 6:45 pm
@ Yama Yoga, 231 E. Buffalo in the Third Ward

This series welcomes all bodies and backgrounds to a safe learning community. Through our weekly classes we'll experience simplicity and depth through focusing on the foundational principles of this ancient tradition. We'll focus our studies on a different yogic principle each week, mostly through physical yoga classes (Asana) as well as through exploring meditation, reflection, and breathing (Pranayama).

This class is accessible for all levels, with modifications and props available for near-beginners, and with deep content to explore for more experienced practitioners. It is recommended that you have had a few yoga experiences or complete the Beginner series at Yama Yoga before entering this class.

Let’s build a firm foundation together.

In-Depth Schedule

All are welcome to join the series anytime.

YAMAS: Principles of Yogic Behavior
May 4      AHIMSA: Compassion for all living things, non-harming, non-violence
May 11    SATYA: Commitment to truthfulness, non-lying
May 18    BRAHMACHARYA: Sense control, right use of sexual energy
May 25    Studio closed: Memorial Day
June 1      ASTEYA: Non-stealing, not taking of anything that was not freely given
June 8      No class
June 15    APARIGRAHA: Neutralizing the desire to acquire, non-possessiveness, non-greed

NIYAMAS: Internal Practices of a Yogic Lifestyle
June 22    SAUCA: Cleanliness, purity
June 29    SANTOSHA: Contentment, even-mindedness
July 6       TAPAS: Disciplined use of our energy, self discipline, steady will
July 13     SVADHYAYA: Self study, self understanding
July 20     No class - take the week off for more self study
July 27     ISHVARA PRANIDHANA: Surrender to the Divine, celebration of the spiritual

Discount Package Options

Not sure which option you'll choose yet? You're welcome to just show up to the studio at class time any week and sign up when you arrive.