Yoga Foundations - Mondays 5:30-6:45 pm

@ yama yoga in the Third Ward (231 E. Buffalo)

This class will guide you through the physical, philosophical, and spiritual “basics” of yoga practice, to help you learn or return to the foundation of this tradition that has had thousands of years of staying power. We’ll be challenged through our commitment to internal connection and attention to detail in key postures. In this class we won’t be outwardly impressive or fashionable or trendy. No frills. We will support one another in bringing simplicity, depth, and sensitivity to our yoga practice to make ourselves, our families, and our communities healthier and more integrated.

Yoga Foundations welcomes all bodies and backgrounds with a range of experience levels, from the near-beginner to the advanced practitioner looking to go back to the roots. It is recommended that you have at least 2 yoga experiences before entering this class. If you’ve completed the Beginner Series at Yama Yoga, this is a perfect next step to continue to grow in your practice. Props and modifications for all body types will be available. Let’s return to the firm foundation of our practice together!

Package deals available for new students and if you sign up for 5 or 10-week series.

Click here for more information on discounted packages and our current Yama & Niyama series.


Yoga for Nutrimost
Fat Loss Patients

Saturdays 8-9 am
gentle class

@ nutrimost milwaukee
620 S. 76th St #240b

Free class for patients of the Nutrimost Fat Loss program. A gentle practice to help build a positive relationship to your body for bigger and changing bodies, and catered to older and less flexible folks who are new to yoga. $10 drop in for non-Nutrimost patients. For more information on the Nutrimost program, visit

Circulo de Mujeres - en Español 

LOS MIÉRCOLES 5:30-7:00 pm @ carmen high school

Gratis y acesible para todas, Circulo de Mujeres es una colaboración para ofrecer un espacio seguro para mujeres quienes quieren desarrollarse fisicamente, emocionalmente, y espiritualmente. Es gratis y somos voluntarias organizándolo. Haremos movimiento como yoga y Nia, actividades de arte y teatro, y tendremos discusiones sobre temas pertinentes a nosotras. Es un espacio de compartir y formar mas conexiones como comunidad. Si quiere inscribirse favor de contactar a Cristina, cuya información esta en este volante.