Podcast: Organizing Wellbeing for All

I did this interview in December 2015; on the phone from my dad's apartment overlooking frigid Lake Michigan, wrapped in blankets with my recently-broken foot elevated on the couch. I was invited to reflect on the threads of my life that have led me to the work of organizing, healing, and building a world with the conditions wellbeing for all.

My story continues to change, grow, evolve - and in some ways I already have so much to add or reframe from the way I told my story 8 months ago. Especially the story about my dad, as we continue to heal and build a different kind of relationship, has evolved a lot since this telling. The history is still true, but the size and shape of its role and hold in my life is shifting in important ways.

Nonetheless, the vulnerability of freezing a moment in time and listening back to yourself feels important, as we allow ourselves to grow, change, expand, and not be wedded to or dismissive of the person we were yesterday. And I am hella proud to be working every day toward the vision of wellbeing for all.

To listen, you can find the SoundCloud audio here, or scroll down to the first episode of the Soul Sutras podcast to download for free on iTunes.

Big thanks to Megan de Matteo and Kaylee Dueber of the Soul Sutras podcast for asking great questions and digging deeper into the magic of the Sutras of our lives; and also to the Greatest Lakes for providing the dreamiest life soundtrack a Midwestern girl could ask for.