Practice: Shake-Up Strategies

A practice to plan for changing our energy when we get underresourced or unskillful in taking action for racial justice.

Find a wellbeing buddy + support one another.

Reflect + ask for help:

I know that I become unskillful or disregulated when: __________.
You’ll know this is happening when you see me ___________.
When this happens, I need __________.
Can you help me by ___________?

Thank you to the teachers that gave me tools and language that inspired elements of this practice: my brother who is always willing to dive in to a learning conversation, my husband for his endless patience to shake me up when I get stuck, Off the Mat Into the World, Oppression in the Soma, The Relational Center, Christina Sell; and to Jardana Peacock for the invitation to #practiceshowingup