New Year Reflection Questions

The New Year transition is a powerful moment-marker that invites us into reflection, appreciation, perhaps some grief and regret, and deepened focus for the next year.

It's a perfect time to make some tea, head to your favorite cafe, or put on some music and light a candle, and dedicate an hour for a journaling date with yourself. Maybe share some of your reflections with a friend afterward to get some resonance. Investing time and intentionality can make for a useful ritual that can shift you into a delineated next season.

Here are my journaling prompts. Use them all, pick a few, or just skip to the last one (that's where my focus is this year -- skipping the long lists of resolutions and getting really clear). Don't let your head take over, make long explanatory lists, and hold you up -- let your body do the writing and keep the pen moving.

Some journaling reflection questions:

  • What did I learn about myself and my purpose in 2016?
  • When did I feel most alive in 2016? What did I do that gave me energy?
  • When did I feel the worst in 2016? What attributed to it? What got me through it? What did this experience help me learn about what doesn't work for me?
  • Looking back at when I felt my best and my worst over the past year, what are the most critical supports I need to plan for in the coming year so I have what I need to survive and be my best?
  • What is my gut sense about where I am called to further align my unique contribution with the urgent needs of the world this next year?
  • Where might I be called to take some risks, challenge myself, and make sacrifices going forward?
  • Who are the top 3 people I would like to be alongside me on this path?
  • Now boil down any goals or resolutions that are in your head to ONE intention:
    What is the #1 most powerful thing I could do to impact my life in 2017?

Which of these questions were most useful for you? What powerful questions are missing that you would like to add to the list? Comment below!