Practice + Politics: An interview with Embodied Philosophy

Listen in on my conversation with Jacob Parkinson of Embodied Philosophy about how this political moment truly is different, what it requires of us, some practical action steps, and how this all relates to our yoga practice.

Because if the conversations you're having don't bridge right wing populism, Whole Foods, the National Guard, and yoga class, what ARE you talking about?

Want to dive deeper? Here's two options I mention in the conversation:

1)  Join or Host a Huddle: Resource Guide from the Womens March

2)  Come to the Tools for Social Change: Building a Movement of Well-Being for Everyone Training Intensive at the Yoga Service Council Conference at Omega Institute, May 19-21. Find out more + sign up to join me!

The time for coming together in action and community is now -- together we can guide the future of our country to become a place that is oriented to the well-being of us all.