Practice: Compassionate Care in times of injustice

Healing a legacy of racialized violence in this country requires us to come to our edge and enter into discomfort in a sustained way. But it is dangerous for us to act from a disconnected place, and all of us need supports to healthily reconnect.

  • What are you really feeling this week?
  • What comes up when you attempt to have compassion for your feelings? 
  • What is one way you might meet yourself where you are really at, and show yourself compassionate care this week?
  • What is one way you can extend an act of compassionate care to folks who are experiencing more burden or risk than you are?

Thank you to my teachers who have inspired the tools that built elements of this practice: my dear friend who is doing an amazing job parenting her children to be antiracist, Lama Rod Owens, Off the Mat Into the World, Oppression in the Soma, The Relational Center, Christina Sell; and to Jardana Peacock for inviting us to #practiceshowingup